Freitag, 10. Oktober 2008

The Mao Tse Tung Experience – Armourer

"armourer" is the second album of the mao tse tung experience, released in 1994.

track list:

fight (berlin mix #1)
gods of violence
heart is beating
satisfactum sis
monks and moons
machine gun
dark magic
kiss in the dark

size: 62.77mb

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The Mao Tse Tung Experience – Revlover

the "revlover" lp was the first album of the mao tse tung experience, released in 1991. "irregular times" and "zombies' march" had become club hits in germany.

track list:

(01)irregular times
(02)revlove dreams
(03)kill the artist
(04)the scientist
(05)zombies' march
(06)love hate love
(07)the blues
(08)go back!
(09)golden crowns
(10)clowns in heaven

size: 57.77mb

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The Mao Tse Tung Experience – Kill Your Ideals

the mao tse tung experience was an one-man electronic project of mastermind w. peffgen, founded in dortmund, germany. between 1990 and 1994 two maxi singles and two albums were produced in co-operation with thomas lüdke (of the invincible spirit) and phillip boa (of the voodoo club).

the 12 inch debut maxi "kill your ideals" was released in 1990 on "no dance records" (label of tommi stumpff etc.).

track list:

)kill your ideals
)worker's song
)golden crowns
)clowns in heaven

size: 24.50mb

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Donnerstag, 9. Oktober 2008

Memoires d'Automne – Cliché (K7)

memoires d'automne were a cold wave group from roanne, france. in 1997 they released their first (and only?) demo tape "cliché".

track list:

(01)blurred pictures
(04)the triumph of time
(05)the way
(06)time of the end
(07) – etrange automne
(08) – cliché

size: 48.11mb

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Mittwoch, 8. Oktober 2008

Severance – Naturecide

severance was a short-living side project of the drum & noise group winterkälte. the "naturecide" cdm was released in 1994 and contains three catchy and danceable tracks somewhere between post-ebm and 1990s dark electro music.

track list:

(02)influence of death
(03)black dukes (extended version)

size: 21.80mb

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Mimic Mind – Plunder for Profit

obscure electro group from the netherlands. the album "plunder for profit" is the only work, released in 1995 on "broken seal records". It contains typical electronic body music and electro-industrial in the veins of artists such as the klinik, dive and vomito negro, whereas the vocals are very similar to dutch groups like image transmission.

track list:

broken eyes
our house
lies for answers
sex terror
human error

size: 67.71mb

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VA – Re Beat: Techno Art Compilation

rare german electro compilation from 1992 (?), released on the label "noise zone", distributed by "km musik". many tracks are previously unreleased.

track list:

eiskalte gaeste - tempodrom
placebo effect - last day (trauma mix)
the innocence of crime - praying for unity
noirphesia - cubik conform
nuova meccanica - ich will (hi-end mix)
kobayashi maru - stahltanz (ballhaus mix)
lost image - desperate tries
fortification 55 - paradise
prager handgriff - der tanz der destruktion
de profundis - descartes traum
the innocence of crime - repossessed
noirphesia - revenge (stride mix)
fortification 55 - 1999
nuova meccanica - compulsions (situations-report)
kobayashi maru - media control (excerpt)
eiskalte gaeste - nebulös
placebo effect - sacrifice (remix)
lost image - dance or die
prager handgriff - wehret den anfängen
de profundis - pogrom (excerpt)

size: 103.41mb

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Dienstag, 7. Oktober 2008

The Caves – Sue

the caves' second work, released in 1995. in contrast to "drifting in visions" the album "sue" contains more indie rock than dark wave. back in the 1990s, many people thought that the caves was a side project of robert smith.

track list:

(01)access denied
(02)act after all
(03)out of reach
(06)in frames
(07)straight public attack
(09)an unguarded second

size: 67.31mb

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The Caves – Drifting in Visions

the caves was a controversial dark wave group from schleswig, a little town in north germany. after two full-length albums in 1994 and 1995 the band split up. why controversial? listen to their debut album "drifting in visions", released in 1994. the sounds and specially the voice are almost identical to the cure's "faith" and "disintegration" era.

track list:

the way it is
sometimes hostile
the fools start to judge
eternal asylum
falling apart
question like this

size: 69.41mb

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Montag, 6. Oktober 2008

VA – The Dark Wave Anthology – Chapter 1

interesting compilation series from 2007. perhaps it's a new series beside (or an answer to?) the 'return of the batcave' and 'flexipop' collections. i heard that there are two other parts, but i know nothing about the contents, track list, etc.

track list:

disc 1

(01) anne clark - the sitting room (1982)
(02) bauhaus - bela lugosi's dead (1979)
(03) christian death - cavity/first communion (1982)
(04) the cure - lament (1983)
(05) siouxsie & the banshees - cascade (1982)
(06) kas product - tina town (1983)
(07) and also the trees - shantell (1983)
(08) death in june - the torture garden (1984)
(09) dead can dance - mesmerism (1985)
(10) pink industry - what i wouldn't give (1985)
(11) clan of xymox - louise (1986)
(12) all about eve - end of the day (1986)
(13) the vyllies - the food prayer (1985)
(14) in the nursery - the miracle of the rose ii (1987)
(15) kirlian camera - eclipse (1988)
(16) red lorry yellow lorry - temptation (1989)
(17) die form - immaculée (1989)

size: 124.74mb

disc 2

(01) aurora sutra - regression (1993)
(02) derrière le miroir - the same (1993)
(03) relatives menschsein - verflucht (1991)
(04) love like blood - last evil emotions (1991)
(05) the tors of dartmoor - the life of christine hate (1991)
(06) chandeen - mysterious clouds (1994)
(07) love spirals downwards - noumena (1992)
(08) idiogene geniotie - the last waltz (1992)
(09) the house of usher - stars fall down [when gods awake] (1994)
(10) drown for resurrection - underneath our breast (1994)
(11) am tag unter null - endstadt (1995)
(12) remembrance - your sex, my agony (1996)
(13) also - cold room (1995)
(14) passion noire - merry goes round (1997)
(15) lady besery's garden - collapse (1998)
(16) the frozen autumn - don't cry for me (1998)
(17) non compos mentis - respiration (1999)

size: 118.19mb

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(part 1)
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Los Monaguillosh – Prisma de Ágatas (7")

"prisma de ágatas" is the second 7 inch single by the spanish darkwave group los monaguillosh, released in 1983 on "dos rombos discos".

track list:

(a1)prisma de ágatas

size: 8.06mb

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Los Monaguillosh – Voces en la Jungla (7")

los monaguillosh was an early post-punk and darkwave group from madrid, spain. stylistically influenced by the music of the cure, siouxsie & the banshees and joy division, the band released two singles in 1983 on the small spanish label "dos rombos discos". this is their first single "voces en la jungla".

track list:

(a1) voces en la jungla
(b1) de madam
(b2) bocas sobre una araña

size: 11.67mb

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Sonntag, 5. Oktober 2008

Batz Without Flesh – Initial Stages (1987-1989)

batz without flesh was a freaky electro-punk group from delaware. formed in 1986, they released three albums and one ep on their own label called "nailed to sound". the retrospective album "initial stages - 1987-1989" contains the debut ep "batz without flesh" (1988) and the first album "a million bricks" (1989).

track list:

(01) futureshock
(02) – retention
(03) – residue
(04) auto suggestion
(05) stop
(06) – oil
(07) – watch your back
(08) yen-lo
(09) 21-375
(10) – avalanche
(11) – direction
(12) i deliver you
(13) life bait
(14) – intra-coarse
(15) – ccg

size: 160.65mb

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Exedra – Welcome to the Death Disco (5" CD-R)

"welcome to the death disco" is a limited edition maxi single of the berlin-based gothrock and batcave group exedra, released in 1998. the track "death disco" has become an international hit on various gothic events.

track list:

(01) death disco
(02) – times of paranoia
(03) – thursday
(04) death disco (version)

size: 19.23mb

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Coldreams – Morning Rain / Eyes (7")

coldreams was a cold wave group from clermont-ferrand, france. they only released a k7 demo and later this 2-track single in 1986.

track list:

(a1) morning rain
(b1) eyes

size: 15.04mb

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Samstag, 4. Oktober 2008

Siddal – Hard to Find (3 Tracks)

three really hard to find tracks by the american ethereal group siddal from portsmouth, virginia. all tracks released in 1996 and 1997. vocals, lyrics and synths by elaine winters, guitar, bass guitar and programming by richard brinkley.

track list:

(01) beds of light
(02) just around the corner
(03) the last asphodel

size: 29.37mb

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Ashram – For My Sun (Demo EP)

demo ep, released in 2001 by the italian neo-classical group ashram. this limited edition cd-r contains tracks from the debut album in slightly different versions.

track list:

(01) entry into the ashram
(02) for my sun
(03) nevermore sorrow
(04) spirit of the rising moon
(05) elizabeth
(06) forgive me
(07) i've lost myself

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Sin – Skin (Numb Side Project)

project of don gordon, mastermind of the canadian electro-industrial group numb. only one track was released on a compilation in 1997. it's a cover version of siouxsie & the banshees' "skin".

track list:

(01) – skin (original by siouxsie & the banshees)

size: 5.58mb

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Numb – Blue Light (K7)

demo tape of the vancouver-based and now disbanded electro-industrial group numb, released in 1987 on a tape label called "burning records". all tracks re-released on the numb debut in 1988, except the last song "ruby tuesday?".

track list:

(a1) lies
(a2) blue light, black candle
(a3) guilt
(b1) the hanging key
(b2) the morality of altitude
(b3) ruby tuesday ?

size: 59.08mb

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