Mittwoch, 8. Oktober 2008

Severance – Naturecide

severance was a short-living side project of the drum & noise group winterkälte. the "naturecide" cdm was released in 1994 and contains three catchy and danceable tracks somewhere between post-ebm and 1990s dark electro music.

track list:

(02)influence of death
(03)black dukes (extended version)

size: 21.80mb

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monochromevision hat gesagt…

This file had been deleted. Can you reload it again please?

Udo hat gesagt…

just for the record.
"Severance" was no side project of Winterkälte. In fact. Winterkälte is the succeesor of Severance.
After the Split of Severance, UV and Eric de Vries decieded to form the Winterkälte Project, while me, Singer Deak Ferance joined the Electro Group "Drunkness" in 1993

Deak Ferance