Sonntag, 30. November 2008

Metronic – Mystic Moods

long forgotten german electronic wave band with female vocals. a first 12 inch single "nightfall" was produced in 1989. three years later, the only album "mystic moods" was released on "hyperium records".


(01) – like heaven seen
(02) – on the sidewalk
(03) – one-way traffic
(04) – motions of love
(05) – fallen out of the fish-bowl
(06) – la ville bizarre
(07) – s/m
(08) – unforeseen thoughts
(09) – oses-tu cueillir deux roses
(10) – denn meine liebe...

size: 61.04mb

download @ zshare

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Anonym hat gesagt…

hello waddleduck,
thank you, that you didn't forget about METROMIC, but why didn't you include the cd-booklet with the photos of all the musicians? It would be nice of you to do so and to complete the thing by this.


Thomas Wulke