Sonntag, 30. November 2008

VA – 2222 Tage Dion Fortune Records

"2222 tage" is a label sampler of "dion fortune records", published in 1997. the compilation contains rare and previously unreleased tracks by passion noire, der liederkranz, fading colours, children of no return and other bands.


(01)garden of delightleviathan
(02)garden of delightspiral dance (12 inch version)
(03)fading coloursspring (gagarin 108 mix)
(04)fading colourstime (stretch mix)
(05)children of no returnwound (drum & string version)
(06)children of no returntreat (club version '97)
(07)the merry thoughtshouse of rain
(08)passion noireagony
(09)passion noiremerry goes round
(10)der liederkranzhöhere gewalt 2.3 (live)
(11)die maschinencome back
(12)die maschinenchaotic dreams
(13)age of heavenbroke the chain (edit)
(14)age of heaventhe secret

size: 89.21mb

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